Surah Al Araf

Surah Al Araf is the 7th chapter of the holy Quran. The meaning of the title is “The Heights”. This surah was revealed in Mecca. It has 206 verses, 24 rukus and 1 sajdah. Surah Al Araf is located in juz’ 8 and 9.

Surah Al Araf is the most detailed surah about the creation and revealing prophecies about the day of judgment. It starts by telling us how satan made Hazrat Adam and Hazrat Hawwa leave heaven and come down to earth and after that point satan became the number one enemy of humanity. It also has other topics like the day of judgment, lust for men instead of women, and the successful people in the hereafter.

Benefits Of Reading Surah Al Araf

It creates a barrier against satan.
It provides safety from enemies and wild animals.
One who recites this surah will get a reward on the day of judgment.

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