Surah An Nur

Surah An-Nur is the 24th chapter of the Holy Quran. The meaning of the title is “The Light”. It was revealed in Madina. It has 64 verses and 9 rukus. Surah An-Nur is located in Juz’ 18.

Surah An-Nur has various aspects of morality, social conduct, and safeguarding one’s honor and reputation. It provides guidance on issues such as modesty, slander, and adultery.

The Surah begins by highlighting the importance of light and guiding people toward righteousness. It then addresses the issue of false accusations and the requirement of providing evidence before making judgments.

Benefits Of Reading Surah An-Nur

It will protect the reciter and his dear ones from the evil of Satan and this world.
After the death of the reciter, 70000 angels will take him to the grave and pray for his forgiveness all the time.
It will purify one’s heart and soul from impurities and immoral acts.

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